Jun 8, 2009

Clementine: Activities

Clementine: i watched transformers with my friends
Ozzie: that's fun
which transformers?
Clementine: 1
i'd never seen it
Ozzie: i mean the live action or the cartoon?
Clementine: oh
with the hot humans
Ozzie: hahahaha
they were all hot in that
even the computer nerd chick
Clementine: i know
totally a likely situation, huh
nothing about her screamed computer nerd
Ozzie: everything about her screamed stripper
Clementine: agreed
especially the hot australian accent
Ozzie: let's see what else she has been in

that settles it
she's basically 2 steps away from giving hand jobs in the champagne room
transformers.... hostess... hand jobs
Clementine: hahaha
but she's in the sequel!
so she's not there yet
give her a few years
Ozzie: is she?
i don't think she is
not listed
i hope she at least works at scores

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