Jun 2, 2009

Welcome a Special Guest: Ozzie's Mom!

Ozzie's Mom: gosh the girls are having a meltdown
Ozzie: why?
Ozzie's Mom: one is going to have a baby - she covers for me at lunch and after 4P
Ozzie: ok
Ozzie's Mom: so when she's out on leave who will cover for me? - they don't want to - and all this crap about when is my vacation
Ozzie's Mom: u see - i run the show here and they have their freedom - without me they can't do what they want
Ozzie's Mom: so they are freaking out
Ozzie's Mom: unreal
Ozzie: hahahahaha
Ozzie: you attract the drama
Ozzie's Mom: so i said well i have to have my vacation - and i am, so that's that
Ozzie: that's good
Ozzie: you stand up for your rights, ozzie's mom
Ozzie's Mom: oh god - yes and i am calmly saying this will all work out GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Ozzie's Mom: what bitches
Ozzie: i think one day you should just have a freakout
Ozzie: hahahahaha
Ozzie's Mom: i did yesterday
Ozzie: scare them all to death
Ozzie: just start throwing the phone and eating paper
Ozzie's Mom: sounds great

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