May 14, 2009

Ozzie and Harriet Have a Friend: Meet Clementine

Ozzie: studying is hard
Clementine: yes
welcome to my life
Ozzie: i'm not dating anyone
so not welcome to your life
Clementine: this is the first time EVER
that the tables have been turned
Ozzie: damn
i need to get back on it
Clementine: booo
i like talking to you
i dont like you studying
Ozzie: it's hard...
do i stay with the frog or go to the chicken
Clementine: what does that mean
Ozzie: my icon
chicken or frog
Clementine: ahhh
okay i see frog
Ozzie: you're seeing frog
Clementine: i need to see chicken
Ozzie: chicken
Clementine: that's still frog
Ozzie: oh
he's chicken on my computer
Clementine: oh
i like frog
he's cute
Ozzie: c'mon chicken
go elsewhere, frog
Clementine: weirdo
well i'm going to head to bed
i'm tired
it's been a long day
Ozzie: whatever
go dream of how pretty i am
Clementine: i always do
goodnight, slutbag
Ozzie: goodnight, carpet muncher

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